St Peter's Catholic School - Quality Education in a Traditional Christian Community

Our School Curriculum


We are a Catholic School.
The Gospel Values are at the core of everything we do and what we stand for.

We are St Peter's Catholic School.

St Peter was Jesus' right hand man and received the command;
On this rock you will build my church! So we are able to draw on the
significance of having a firm foundation of faith and education.

We have two powerful role models, Jesus and St Peter and as we live good
faithful lives we too will have the keys to Heaven.

Our wish for every learner in our school community is

 'To be the best they can be.' 

This expression captures the essence of our purpose and vision in our school.

By being committed to developing a community of life long learners we will achieve our vision of 

'Being the best we can be.'

  In order to be 'the best they can be,'

there are 5 key competencies every learner will have the chance to develop.

Learners will become powerful

  • Follows of Christ
  • Thinkers
  • Contributors
  • Self Managers
  • Communicators
There are approximately eight St Peter's

Catholic Schools in New Zealand. We are St Peter's Catholic School Cambridge.

For us in Cambridge the Waikato River is a significant landmark. Using the symbolic Koru meaning 'new growth,' the live giving water represents the rich learning experiences we immerse our students in that help their formation.

  We are an Enviro School We promote opportunities for students to explore natural systems that give us life and discover the importance of sustainability.

We have developed a set of values and    
guiding principles that underpin all
curriculum planning.

Here at St Peter's Catholic the students
receive the complete package

  • the physical
  • the emotional
  • the social
  • the intellectual  and
  • the spiritual development.

The principals guide our implementation 

and delivery of the curriculum.