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International Student Information

St Peter's Catholic School is accredited by NZQA to accept International fee-paying students as part of our school community.

International Students will be placed within our Learning Communities across Years 1 to 8, alongside New Zealand students of similar age.  We will also provide English Language (ELL) teaching in small groups and every International Student will receive 1-4 ESOL lessons during class time each week .

All International Students are fully involved in school life and engaged in activities designed to improve and develop their English Language ability.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Facilities at St Peter's Catholic School include:

A modern library, a computer hub, a learning centre for ESOL students, two large playgrounds, two sandpits, large playing fields, an astroturf playing court, a heated swimming pool,  a wide range of ICT equipment available for classroom use (iPads and ChromeBooks) and a wireless network throughout the whole school.

Extra Curricular features of the school:

  • Student Librarians
  • House groups and House Leaders
  • Student Counsellors
  • Peer Mediators
  • Kapa Haka
  • Music Lessons
  • Before/After School Care  
  • Various sporting activities and school sports teams 
  • Interest groups -  Jump Jam, Gardening, Chess, Art
  • Cultural Celebrations/Festivals each term
  • Social Evening / Disco 
  • Mufti Days (non-uniform days) to support community charities
  • Inter-school activities and competitions ( Cross-Country, Technology Challenge, ConnectED)

Programmes and Support:

  • Individualised assessment to establish English level and develop a learning plan
  • English Language Learning support programmes designed by the ELL Director of International Students
  • A friendly "International Student Buddy" to support in the Learning Community and playground
  • Access to in-class support by a Learning Assistant
  • BYOD and school chrome books to enable translation in class
  • Leaving Certificate upon completion of study at St Peter's Catholic School
  • Workbook provided (for short stay groups)
  • Online access to Google Accounts (for long term stays groups)
  • ICAS exams (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)
  • Language experience visits to local Hamilton community and schools
  • Parent information/coffee meetings 
  • An Orientation tour and booklet providing information about the school and our programmes

Prime Condition of Enrolment

In accordance with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, St Peter's Catholic School requires that all International Students under 10 years of age live with a parent or legal guardian.

Application Process

1. Complete the International Student Application for Enrolment form (download below).

For a child entering New Zealand for the first time please submit:

  • a signed Enrolment Application Form which includes any relevant health or behavioural information about the student
  • a photocopy of the student’s passport
  • a photocopy of both parent's passports
  • a copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • certified copy of most recent school report  
  • verification of address/accommodation in NZ
  • immunisation record in English ( this may need to be verified by an NZ doctor at a later date).
For a child enrolling from another school

To transfer to St Peter's Catholic School from another New Zealand school please submit:

  • a signed Enrolment Application Form which includes any relevant health or behavioural information about the student 
  • a copy of the child’s student visa that states St Peter's Catholic School as the provider.
  • previous school records such as formal school reports.
  • a written letter that states that St Peter's Catholic School has permission to contact their previous school (this conforms with the Privacy Act)
  • immunisation record in English (verified by a NZ doctor).

2. Email the completed enrolment form and documents as stated above to St Peter's Catholic School to the Director of International Students at:

3. On receiving these documents St Peter's Catholic School will issue you with an invoice for International Fees. 

4. Once the fees have been paid, a receipt and Offer of Placement will be issued. You will then be able to apply for a student visa.

Send a copy of both the student visa and the medical insurance documentation to St Peter's Catholic School. Please refer to this link Welcome to NZ for further information on suitable travel and medical insurance.

5. Enrolment will be confirmed by email. An introductory appointment will be made for you with the Principal and the Director of International Students on your arrival in Cambridge. 

Fees and Associated Costs

Long Term Stay -Tuition Fees available on application.

The tuition fee includes the following:

  • General tuition (using the New Zealand Curriculum)
  • ESOL programme (small group ESOL lessons 1-4 times a week)
  • Limited Stationery
  • Annual school activity fee

Short Term Stay- Tuition fee available on application.

The tuition fee includes the following:

  • Daily ESOL programme (with an oral language and focus)
  • Weekly Education Outside the Classroom trips
  • Limited stationery

Please use the Individual Booking Request form on this website to request further information.

Additional Compulsory Costs

There are other additional compulsory costs to cover compulsory activities such as class trips, outdoor education programmes and school camps. These costs will vary according to the year group the student is in. All additional compulsory costs need to be paid prior to the commencement of the school activity.

Students may also choose to take part in extracurricular activities such as joining a sports team or having music lessons. These are not compulsory activities but there will be a cost involved.

School Uniform

Endeavour School has a compulsory school uniform. The purchase of this uniform will be an additional compulsory cost. Please see the Uniform page within our website for pictures.  

Links & Downloads

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