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Class Blogs

At St Peter's Catholic School we love sharing the brilliant learning our students are doing.

Through our class blogs, our classrooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for parents and whanau to check out their child's learning. This is great if you are a busy parent who doesn't get into school as often as you'd like. We can also use our class blogs to connect and learn with other schools and classes around the world. The class blogs are a brilliant way to showcase and celebrate our students' learning to a real life global audience.

Click on the Room Number to view the blog of that classroom.

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2014 Class Blogs
Gillian Kneebone
Room1, Year 1

Mickey Bam
Room 2, Year 2
Cushla Hounsell
Room 3, Year 3
Blog under construction -
watch this space wink
Aoife Deeley
Room 4, Year's 4 and 5
Denise Gordon
Room 5, Year's 5 & 6
Susie McCreery
Room 6, Year's 7 & 8
Jaco Labuschagne
Room 7, Year's 7 & 8