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Winter to Spring

Frost covers the ground like a white blanket, wind is blowing gently

through the air,

Trees are stiff or droopy and the cold has stripped them bare.

The mist is creeping forward like a giant wall of fog,

Water has tuned to ice and the drainpipe has a clog.

The cold is getting colder and birds are flying south,

Some trees stand untouched by winters gaping mouth.

Jumpers are donned and gloves are worn, the sky is turning grey,

Soccer has started, now socks are tall, the warmth has gone away.

Fireplaces are lit and people are wrapped in scarves,

Blue hands, white grass, ice is on our cars.

But then…

The ice starts melting, the drain works, lakes are liquid again,

People rush out of their houses like speeding bullet trains.

Hedgehogs see the light and then come out of hiding,

Why is this? What is that?

Spring is now arriving!

By Hamish Hill-Room 6